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2013 Book Festival Author
Charlotte Adelman and Bernard L. Schwartz

Charlotte Adelman and Bernard L. Schwartz, retired lawyers and a married couple, share a love of nature and a passionate interest in plants, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife native to the Midwest. The couple, who turned their backyard into an urban prairie/savanna, decided to research the habitat and learn more about their state's nickname of Illinois, the "Prairie State." This research eventually resulted in the book Prairie Directory of North America: the United States and Canada, documenting prairies in 32 states and 4 Canadian provinces.

The couple continues to explore the role of plants--both native and nonnative--and their effects on animals and other wildlife in the region. Adelman and Schwartz's desire is to help Midwestern landscapers and gardeners choose native Midwestern flowers and plants that--notably--will not ever become invasive and destructive to the natural ecosystem. Their research led to the writing of The Midwestern Native Garden: Native Alternatives to Nonnative Flowers and Plants, an Illustrated Guide.

Adelman and Schwartz hope their books will aid gardeners in preventing the spread of invasive species that cause the extinction of our Midwestern plants and the native butterflies and birds that rely on them. The Midwestern Native Garden guide is unique in that it suggests native alternatives to nonnative flora and provides information about the butterflies that rely on the native flora in order to reproduce.

Adelman and Schwartz live in Wilmette, Illinois, where they work to bring back the Illinois prairie and share their gardening and ecosystem expertise.

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