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2013 Book Festival Author

Jacqueline Houtman is a freelance science writer based in Madison, Wisconsin. Jacqueline holds a Ph.D. in Medical Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her training as a scientist includes hands-on laboratory experience in bacteriology, virology, and immunology.

Jacqueline writes about a variety of biomedical topics, including asthma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and AIDS. She enjoys writing for many different audiences: Middle school students, medical students, physicians, scientists, and the general public. Her favorite part of the job is convincing people that science doesn't have to be hard to understand. It just needs to be communicated effectively.

Facebook Page: Jacqueline Houtman
Twitter: @jjhoutman

Thank You

Atlas Coffee Mill

Big thanks go to Atlas Coffee Mill for hosting monthly meetings for the Fox Cities Book Festival Board! We appreciate your support of the Festival and just can't thank you enough for providing a welcoming meeting space for us to plan and dream.