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Lesley Kagen

Lesley Kagen was born in Milwaukee and spent her early years in a great working class neighborhood, much like the one where her books Whistling in the Dark and Good Graces are set. Whistling in the Dark, her first novel, received a number of honors, including the Honor Book Award from the Midwest Booksellers Association. Sally O'Malley, the main character from that book, returns in Good Graces, which is set one year later. Reviews note that Good Graces is "an evocative novel told with the sensitivity, wit, and warmth we've come to expect from Lesley Kagen." Mare's Nest, Kagen's most recent work, is about mothers, daughters, horses, and the power of love. It has been called "wrenchingly funny, poignant, and ultimately uplifting."

Kagen attended Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where she majored in Radio and Television. In 1976 she moved to Los Angeles, where she did commercial voice work and on-camera work, appeared in Movies-of-the-Week, and was on a Laverne and Shirley show.

In 1990 Kagen returned to Wisconsin with her family and finally found the time for her creative writing. In addition to Whistling in the Dark and Good Graces, her books include: Land of a Hundred Wonders, Tomorrow River, and Mare's Nest.

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