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2013 Book Festival Author
Maggie Thompson

Maggie Thompson began collecting comic books before she was 5 years old and has been an active collector ever since. She started working on fanzines while a teenager and published Comic Art with Don Thompson, whom she later married. Maggie and Don were among the pioneers in what developed into comic-book fandom, and they became co-editors of Comics Buyer's Guide (CBG) in 1983. After Don's death, Maggie continued on as editor until 2013, when Comics Buyer's Guide ceased publication. Maggie continues to work in the world of comics and is a contributor to Toucan, Comic-Con International's blog, and Scoop, Gemstone's newsletter.

Thompson's other credits include a story arc for Innovation's Dark Shadows title and awards that include Eisner Awards, an Inkpot Award, the Diamond Lifetime Fandom Award, the Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award, and the Friends of Lulu Women of Distinction Award.

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