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2013 Book Festival Author
Mary Wagner

Mary Wagner, who lives in southeastern Wisconsin, started out as a newspaper and magazine journalist. But after a long fall from a tall horse put her in a body cast for three months, she decided to change careers. Wagner went to law school, became a prosecutor, bought her first pair of spike heels, and started writing. Encouraged by friends to start a blog, she created the website Running with Stilettos. Her slice-of-life essays, which can take the reader from the back seat of a Harley to her father's death bed to waltzing on a dance floor in chiffon and rhinestones, have won many writing awards and turned into three award-winning essay collections: Running with Stilettos, Heck on Heels, and Fabulous in Flats.

Wagner's essays about love, loss, chocolate, and her chainsaw combine humor, resilience, and grace under pressure, and perfectly capture why a fellow author deemed her "the reincarnation of Erma sexier shoes." Over the years, Wagner's work has appeared in print publications such as the Washington Post, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Milwaukee Journal, and online at sites such as, Shortbread Stories, and the Front Porch Review.

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