2016 Book Festival Author

 I grew up on the largest freshwater lake in the world in the twin ports maritime community of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior Wisconsin. As the daughter of a Great Lakes ship captain, I was afforded the opportunity to experience the power and romance of the water while sailing with him aboard an ore freighter through storms and stars,climbing ship ladders, taking a turn at the wheel and eating at the captain's table while living in the weekly and seasonal rhythm of the transport of iron ore..

I graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth and taught high school English at Duluth East HIgh School. I have self published a book of prose poems entitled My Duluth: the Beauty and the Undertow.

In connection with the book Ship Captain's Daughter I have given a presentation at the maritime conference Gales of November, and done an hour long talk show with Joy Cardin of Wisconsin Public Radio, as well as Jim Oliver and Erika Janik also of WPR.

Thank You

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